Judaism Facts – 60 Interesting Facts About Judaism

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Facts on Judaism

The idea of Sabbath comes from God resting on the seventh day after the creation of the universe.

Sabbath comes from the Hebrew word, which means rest.

The holy day of Sabbath comes from the fourth of the Ten Commandments.

Sabbath is considered as the gift from God to rejoice in God’s Will.

Yom Hashoah is the Memorial Day for remembering the Holocaust victims.

The holocaust remembrance day, Yom Hashoah starts on the evening of 23rd April and ends at the 24th April evening.

On the Remembrance Day Yom Hashoah, two minutes of siren horned all over the Israel to pay tribute to Holocaust Victims and people remain silent devotion for these two minutes.

The capital punishment for death Penalty in Israel Jewish Courts is abolished.

Even after the Jewish court death penalty abolition only one Nazi Criminal Adolf Eichmen is being executed for his war crimes on the Holocaust.

The Circumcision ceremony for the newborn babies is called Brit Milah.

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