Jupiter facts – Interesting and fun facts about Jupiter

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Facts about Jupiter

Io is the closest moon to Jupiter, it is so close that Jupiter’s gravity constantly disturbs its surface with volcanic eruptions.

Jupiter occasionally rains neon.

Jupiter’s atmosphere is primarily composed of Hydrogen at 90% and helium at 10%.

Jupiter emits more energy than it receives from the Sun. This is due to the planet being so massive. Because of large mass it exerts strong gravitational force on itself, resulting in the compression if the planet. The cumulative effect of all this inward force is production of large heat, which is then radiated into space.

The clouds on Jupiter are about 50 km thick.

The colorful bands of Jupiter are arranged in dark belts and light zone created by winds in the upper atmosphere. The white clouds are made of frozen ammonia crystals, while the darker clouds are made of other chemicals in the belts.

Inside the atmosphere, diamond rain may fill the skies.

lo is the most volcanically active body in the solar system.

Jupiter has three thin rings.

Jupiter’s composition is nearly same as the Sun’s. The only difference is that the Sun is much more massive than Jupiter.