Jupiter facts – Interesting and fun facts about Jupiter

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Fun facts about Jupiter

Jupiter takes 11.8 Earth years to orbit the sun.

Jupiter’s upper atmosphere is divided into cloud belts and zones. They are made of ammonium crystals, sulfur and the mixture of two compounds.

The Great Red Spot is a massive storm is on the Jupiter for the last 350 years. It is so large that three earths could fit inside it.

Jupiter is the fourth brightest object in the solar system after sun, moon and Venus.

Jupiter named after the king of the Roman gods and the god of the sky.

Below Jupiter’s atmosphere, there are layers of compressed hydrogen gas, liquid metallic hydrogen, and a core made of ice, metals and rock.

Ganymede, Jupiter’s moon is the largest moon in the Solar System.

Jupiter also has rings like Saturn but they are very thin.

Jupiter’s rings are mainly composed of dust particles.

Jupiter has strong magnetic field, which is 14 times stronger than Earth’s magnetic field.