Left Handed Facts – 70 Captivating Facts About Left Handed People

Left Hand Facts

In The Simpsons, there is a shop to recognize the plight of left handed people, called ‘The Leftorium’, which specializes in left handed products.

39% of left handed people are likely to be homosexual.

Sinsitrophobia is a phobia of left handed or objects on the left side.

August 13, is the International left Handers Day.

Napolean, Bill Gates are all left handed.

Left handers make good tennis, basketball players, boxers, fencers, swimmers.

Left handed people are more likely to recover faster from strokes.

Lefties are more likely to be affected by fear than right handers.

Left handed graduates are more likely to become 26% richer than left hander graduates.

Left handed people are more likely to be shy, embarrassed and hesitant than a righty.