Left Handed Facts – 70 Captivating Facts About Left Handed People

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Interesting Facts About Left Handed People

The word left comes from the Anglo-Saxon word ‘lyft’ meaning weak or broken.

Left handed women are more likely to be traumatic during gestation or during birth than right handed women.

Cats, rats and mice are right and left pawed just like in humans.

There’s a belief where an itchy left hand indicated that you lose money, while an itchy right hand would indicate you will gain money.

Left handedness runs in families.

Left handed people are more likely to draw figures that face right.

Left handed people are more likely to suffer from bowel problems that right handed people.

Left handers are less likely to develop arthritis and ulcers.

Left handers adjust more easily to seeing underwater than righties.

Left handed people are better at playing video games.