Left Handed Facts – 70 Captivating Facts About Left Handed People

Facts About Left Handed

Left handers are more successful at learning to drive than right handers.

Most people believe that devil is left handed.

90% of the babies in the womb appear to be right thumb, which is the same percentage of righties.

Lefties process things faster than righties while playing sports or computer games.

Kangaroos are almost always left handed.

Lefties are also known as “southpaws”. It was coined in baseball to describe a left handed pitch.

There is a place called Left Hand in West Virginia, U.S., but it was named after nearby Lefthand Run creek and not after its left handed community.

Left handers have increased cognitive abilities. They can think multiple concepts at the same time and create faster solutions.

For cats, there is 50% chance of being a left pawed.

The Left Handers Day started in 1976.