Lion Facts: 80 Interesting Facts About Lions

Facts About Lions for Kids

African lion species and Asian lion species are the two surviving lion species on the planet.

Egypt’s greatest monument is the Great Sphinx of Giza and its foundation is depicted from the body of a lion.

The movements of the lion’s ears are being adjusted to the direction of the sound coming from.

A lion can hear its prey from a mile away and can sense its hearing.

The lions can sense the type of prey nearby just by sticking out its tongue and this gesture is known as “flehmen response”.

Every lion has a different black spot pattern on the lion’s whisker.

Each lion species are differentiated by determining the unique black spot patterns present at the lion’s whisker.

Lion has the largest mouth in the animal kingdom that can stretch up to one foot.

The roughness of the lion’s tongue can peel away the prey’s skin just by licking its flesh.

Lion deaths caused by its prey species are Buffalo’s.