Manatee Facts – 51 Interesting Facts About Manatee Facts

Manatees Facts

Manatees eye close in a circular motion and they do not have eye lashes.

Manatees have been declared the state animal of Florida.

Manatee’s lips are composed of two separate parts which move independently from each other while grabbing food.

The last Wednesday in March has been declared as Manatee Appreciation Day while November has been declared as Manatee Awareness Month

Manatees are the only marine mammals which are vegetarian.

Seasonal Manatee zones have been demarcated where speedboats and other watercraft are required to slow down to avoid collisions with these gentle giants.

Each November the West Indies manatee which is a native of Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea, migrate to the warmer waters of Florida in winter and can swim as far north as Cape Cod.

Manatees are increasingly migrating to locations which have a power plant outflow in winters to keep themselves warm.

Manatee body does not have a continuous layer of blubber to insulate themselves from variations in temperatures.

Alligators do not attack Manatees and there have been instances when manatees have pushed aside alligators for passage in narrow streams.