Manatee Facts – 51 Interesting Facts About Manatee Facts

Manatee Fun Facts

A spot in the Crystal River National Wildlife Refuge in the King Spring has been set up especially for manatees during the winter months.

Sometimes algae can be seen grown on the bodies of wild manatee. The algae growth protects the soft skin from the harsh sunlight.

Manatees do not gather in large groups and usually travel alone or in pairs. Rarely could they be seen in a group of six also.

Manatees are not territorial and usually do not have a leader or followers. If the manatees are in a group, it could be either they are mating or sharing a warm area with large food supply.

Manatees usually have a life span of forty years.

Manatees are believed to have evolved from four legged land mammals some 60 million years ago.

All butt Amazonian manatee have vestigial toe nails which are remains of toenails in their ancestors who lived on land.

The genesis of the word manatee comes from the Caribbean word manati which means “breast”

They have small eyes butt their eye sight is very good. Eyes have nictitating membrane which is drawn over eyeball for protection.

The presence of large inner ear bones means that they also have a good sense of hearing.