Mars Facts: Interesting Facts About Mars, the Red Planet

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Mars Facts

Mars is the only planet besides Earth that has polar ice caps.

Over 100,000 people have applied for a one-way trip to colonize Mars in 2022.

The German Aerospace Center has discovered that Earth lichens can survive in simulated Mars conditions.

The closest distance between Earth and Mars will continue to mildly decrease for the next 25,000 years

Scientist are not yet certain if the core of Mars is liquid or solid, or in two distinctive layers, like Earth’s.

Mars has seasons like Earth, but they are mush longer than earth seasons.

Unlike Earth, Mars has thicker crust and is made up of one piece. Whereas Earth’s crust consists of several moving plates.

On August 27, 2004, Mars made its closest approach to Earth in nearly 60,000 years. The next time it will be that close again will be in 2287.

The NASA’s Curiosity rover, on its one year anniversary sang the Happy birthday tune to itself on Mars.

Mars is entirely covered in rust or iron oxide making it the red planet.

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