Martin Luther King Jr Facts – 80 Facts About Martin Luther King Jr

martin luther king jr facts

Martin Luther King Jr. facts: Interesting facts about Martin Luther King Jr. Martin Luther King Jr., a civil rights activist during the 1950s and 1960s, who led non-violent protests to end racial inequality. He is often referred to by his initials MLK.  Martin Luther King Jr. is considered as one of the greatest orator of the 20th century, and his speeches still inspire many to this day. Let’s explore more facts about Martin Luther King Jr.

Martin Luther King Jr. facts

Martin Luther King Jr. was an important activists and leader in the Civil Rights Movement.

The reverse of the $5 bill will have images from King’s “I Have a Dream” speech and the concert of opera singer Marian Anderson, before 2020, as announced by Treasure Secretary in 2016.

King suffered from depression most of his life.

Martin Luther King Day is celebrated in Toronto, Canada and Hiroshima, Japan.

The only American citizen, non-president in the U.S. to have a national holiday in his honor is Martin Luther King Jr.

MLK Jr. supported the removal of the faculty led prayer in Public Schools.

All the 50 states of U.S. did not recognize Martin Luther King Jr. Day as a paid holiday until 2000.

Martin Luther King Jr. was awarded at least 50 honorary degrees from colleges and universities.

He was born on January 15th 1929 as Michael King Jr. in Atlanta, Georgia.

Michael King changed his name and Michael King Jr.’s name when MLK Jr. was 5 years old to Martin Luther after German Protestant leader Martin Luther.