11 Reasons Why Men Are Secretly Jealous Of Women

men are secretly jealous of womenIt may sound weird that men are secretly jealous of women although they have power, great salaries, and they can wander anywhere topless in boxers. Yet thy envy women, though most of them recline to admit it.

  1. Why is it that men always need to pay for initial dates.

Why is it that men always need to pay for the dates, women can even forget their purses but men can’t?

There are few instances where you can see many people coming forward to help a girl in case she forgets the purse, but this is not true with the boys. Why is this partiality?

  1. Women can almost turn on anything in the clothes.

The things that look like curtains can be women’s clothes.

Men don’t have many choices in clothing, they have jeans and at the most sweaters in their wardrobe but women have wide range of styles and outfits.

  1. Free entries in most expensive clubs and parties, we demand equality.

While men need to queue to get into a club and you see the girls easily walk by and open up the doors for free, nothing.

  1. They always attract most of the attention no matter wherever they go.

True that! Why is that they get so much attention wherever they go, as we have seen the club case.

  1. Why it is that women have bigger section in clothing stores?

They have bigger sections in clothing stores than men have. Not only the clothing they have many choices for accessories, make up and what not.

  1. We aren’t heartless we do understand emotions.

It is a common belief that men are strong and heartless, but this is not true, they also have emotions and can cry like a baby if it hurts them.

  1. They are free to be over the top in almost everything! WTF

Wherever they go they are always first, as we generally quote, Ladies comes first!

  1. Why are they so beautiful with those hair and curves?

Why are they so beautiful, they look gorgeous with long hair, flipping along the sides, wow! and not to mention their curves.

  1. Make up Magic

Women can apply tons of makeup but when it comes to men they are made fun of if they are caught with the slightest of make-up.

  1. Public display of Expression

Why are women so expressive, they can express themselves without speaking, and it would take hours for men to make the other person understand their feelings by looking at them?

  1. Why do women always cheer and praise each other.

Women always cheer their friends, about how talented she is and how beautiful she is looking today, but have you heard any guy saying to the other guy how talented he is or how beautiful is he looking?