Mexico Facts – Interesting Facts About Mexico

Mexico Facts for Kids

The Golden State Fence company, employed to build part of the US-Mexican border wall was fined US$5 M for hiring illegal immigrant workers.

Since 1981, Mexico does not extradite to countries that are seeking death penalty, and had defended 400 of its citizens charged with a capital offence in the U.S.

The national dog of Mexico is Xoloitzcuintli.

Mexico and Thailand are the most common countries for American tourists to die abroad.

New Mexico is not named after Mexico, since it was named in 1563 and Mexico held its name as “New Spain” until 1821.

Soccer or football is the most popular sport of Mexico.

Mexico is the third largest exporter of honey.

Mexico is the world leader in salt production.

Mexico is the world’s largest producer of silver.

Chocolate, chilies and corn are introduced to the world by Mexico.