Obesity Facts – Surprising Facts About Obesity

Facts About Obesity

Improper sleep can lead to weight gain of 2 pounds or 0.9 kg under a week.

Every fat-free food has high sugar content in it, that turns to carbohydrates and leads to stored body fat.

Obesity can cause breast cancer especially in postmenopausal phase in women. It also determines the rate of breast cancer cell growth and tumor size.

Airplanes are increasing the fuel budget each year due to the increasing weight of the passengers.

Good or HDL cholesterol is good for heart and keeps the arteries clear but it is found that it can turn bad and clog the arteries instead.

Thrifty genes helps to convert excess calories into fat then used as energy later are now contributing to obesity. Only 90% of Africans, 50% of Asians and 20% to 35% of Europeans have it.

Parents who are obese have 80% chance of passing it to children.

Pollution is one of the causes of obesity because hormones that control our weight are affected by pollution.

Women suffering from post traumatic stress are more prone to obesity.

Excess calories in childhood and puberty are directly converted into fat cells, it is called hyperplastic obesity. Excess calories consumed in adulthood only expand the existing fat cells.