Obesity Facts – Surprising Facts About Obesity

Interesting Facts About Obesity

There are 78% more chances for an obese driver to die in a car accident.

To combat mindless eating, it is advised to eat in smaller plates and avoid doing other activities like watching T.V. while eating.

On average, gastric bypass surgery patients keep off 50% – 60% of excess weight over 5 -15 years.

Obesity leads to one or more of the 15 medical issues like osteoarthritis, cancer, cardiovascular problems, hypertension, strokes, immunity disorder and joint-problems.

270 billion US$ are lost each year in health care costs and productivity.

Bariatrics is the study of obesity.

Bariatrics is taken from Greek word, where ‘bar’ means weight, ‘iatr’ is treatment and ‘ics’ is pertaining to.

Residency visas are denied to people who are overweight in New Zealand.

Out of 7.5 million U.S veterans who receive health benefits from agency, over 70% of them have overweight issues and 20% have diabetes.

One in nine women at some point of time will have post traumatic stress disorder making them more vulnerable to obesity. It is twice as often as in men.