Obesity Facts – Surprising Facts About Obesity

Facts About Obesity

Mexico has become the most obese nation in 2013, with 32.8% of Mexican adults being obese. 31.8% of American adults are obese.

It is hard to lose weight for the person who was obese as a child because they may have over five times as many fat cells as someone who has become overweight as an adult.

In rich countries, obesity is observed among less educated people, while in poor countries, obesity is observed among highly educated.

In 1980’s, food products started using the inexpensive sweetener, fructose cum syrup and at the same time the U.S obesity rate has also increased.

Childhood obesity affects his self esteem that leads him to failure in many aspects like higher education, sports, employment and social stigma.

Childhood obesity affects internally with depression, diabetics, asthma, gallstones and rise of stress levels.

About 30% to 50% of children born in 2000 are prone to type two diabetics and that can lead to preventable blindness, heart failure, kidney failure and amputations.

Spicy food may help you to live longer, study suggests.

Out of 100 adults, 67 of them have overweight or obesity issues.

Over 1.9 billion adults greater than 18 years of age were overweight in 2014. Of them more than 600 million were obese.