Obesity Facts – Surprising Facts About Obesity

Obesity Facts

Obesity is becoming the main reason for liver failure and liver cirrhosis among children.

In Mexico City, doing ten squats can get you a free subway ticket from the government. This is done in hopes of fighting obesity. In Mexico 70% of adults are overweight.

Fat is stored in fat cells. A normal person can have 25 -35 billion fat cells, but this number can increase to as many as 100 to 150 billion cells when excessive fat is gained.

Obesity children have quadrupled their chance of getting high blood pressure in adulthood.

Overweight children have double chance of getting high blood pressure in adulthood.

About 34% of dogs are obese or overweight.

Childhood traumatism and emotional stress have increased the chance of becoming overweight or obese for both girls and boys.

There is a contest in Dubai called ‘You Child in Gold’ where individual participants win 1 gm of gold for every 1 kg lost, and double rewards for families. The contest is aimed at increasing awareness and combating early obesity.

One third of American elderly women aged 75 years and above is suffering from obesity.

Due to obesity, more than 50 million Americans are suffering from Arthritis.