Obesity Facts – Surprising Facts About Obesity

Facts About Obesity

Black tomatoes in Britain contain anthocyanins, an oxidant that is believed to help fight diabetes, cancer and obesity.

Epinephrine auto injector’s needle is becoming too short for the obesity patients. Epinephrine works best when injected into the muscle. But when injected in the layer of the fat, it is taking longer to reach the bloodstream.

Low income women are more likely to have obesity than high income women.

Alcohol kills nearly 2.5 million people annually and is considered to be more harmful than tobacco, obesity and all known illegal substances.

Rate of obesity in middle aged adults are high with 39.5% and it is higher when compare to younger aged teenagers (30.3%).

Rate of obesity in Afro-American women is 56% and Afro-American men is 37%.

Rate of obesity in Afro-Americans is 47%, white’s is 32% and Asian’s have low obesity rate at 10.8%.

Genes have an effect on person’s risk of becoming overweight. FTO gene in particular has the greatest effect.

8 million Americans are obese, i.e. more than third of all the population.

Louisiana has the highest obesity rate at 36.2%, Colorado has the lowest at 20.2%.