Octopus Facts – Surprising Facts about Octopus

Fun Facts About Octopus

Octopus are the first invertebrates to be seen using tools, for instance they use shells to hide from potential predators, and use rocks and jets of water in a way that could be classified as tool use.

Crustacean shells and other objects are collected by common octopuses to construct fortresses or gardens, around their lairs. Other octopuses carry shells for protection.

All octopuses are venomous, but only small blue ringed octopuses are known to be deadly to humans.

There are 6 arms and 2 legs to an octopus.

Octopuses have three hearts. Two pumps blood through its gills, while the third pumps blood through the body.

Octopus releases a cloud of black ink to obscure its predators view, taking enough time to swim away. The ink contains substance that dulls predator’s sense of smell, making the fleeing octopus harder to track.

There are 300 species of octopus, which is over one-third species of the total number of known cephalopod species.

Octopuses are fast swimmers.

Mimic octopuses can change their body shape to mimic other animals.

Octopus’s beaklike jaws and venomous saliva can easily subdue its prey.