Orange Facts – 51 Interesting Facts About Oranges

orange facts

Orange facts – 51 Interesting facts about oranges. Oranges are citrus fruits that eaten by people, they are highly enriched with fibre and vitamin C. Sweet oranges which are eaten were introduced to Italy, Spain, Portugal and India in the 15th century. Orange is highly nutritious,  Let’s explore more orange nutrition facts.

Orange Facts

Orange trees are evergreen.

Orange is the hybrid of the pomelo and mandarin.

Arabs has introduced the sour oranges or Seville to the Mediterranean region about the 10th century, and Genoese traders introduced the sweet orange in the 15th

California and Florida are the large producers of oranges in United States.

The bergamot orange is used as oils for cosmetics and flavoring.

20% of the total orange crop is sold as whole fruit, the remainder is used to prepare orange juice, extracts, and preserves.

An orange tree can live for 100 years, and can reach for about 30 feet in height.

Travellers used to carry oranges to prevent scurvy, a disease that develops due to deficiency of vitamin C.

Navel Oranges requires budding or grafting to grow their trees, because they are seedless and they can’t reproduce through pollination.

A single citrus plant can bear over 60,000 plants but only 1% of them will turn into fruit.