Orange Facts – 51 Interesting Facts About Oranges

Interesting Facts About Oranges

There are two categories of oranges: sweet oranges and bitter oranges.

Sweet oranges are consumed and the most popular ones are Valencia, naval and Jaffa oranges.

The white orange blossom is the state flower of Florida.

Bitter oranges are used to make jam or marmalade and their zest is used for flavoring for liqueurs.

Oranges are customarily used as seasoning at the dinning table in Afghanistan.

Commercial oranges are bright orange because they use artificial dye called Citrus Red Number 2. It is injected into the skin of oranges at the level of 2 parts per million.

Oranges can be stored at room temperature or in refrigerator. They will last for 2 weeks with either of the methods and will retain nearly the same amount of vitamin content.

The best way to store oranges in loose rather than wrapping them in a plastic bag, because they develop mold if exposed to moisture.

Oranges are seasonal fruits.

Lightning kills more number of orange trees than plant diseases.