Pablo Escobar Facts – 38 Interesting Facts About Pablo Escobar

Interesting Facts About Pablo Escobar

In 1975 he ordered the killing of Medellin drug trafficker Fabio Restrepo and took over the reins of Restrepo’s operations and rapidly expanded it.

Pablo had a Robin Hood type image among the poor because of his philanthropy.

He was also known as “Don Pablo” and “El Patron.”

Search of Escobar’s sprawling villa revealed many interesting things including a Spanish translation of the self-help classic, “The Power of Positive Thinking.”

Pablo was imprisoned in a luxury prison named “La Caterdal” and it contained a casino, a nightclub, and even a spa. After a lot of bad publicity, the Colombian government shifted him to a regular prison from where he escaped and remained at large till he was killed by the Colombian special police.

After his death his property was seized by Colombian government and converted into a theme park complete with animals, life-sized dinosaur models, Escobar’s collection of classic cars.

His greatest fear was he being extradited to the US which faced the brunt of his illegal dealings in drugs.

He was a philanthropist and freely gave money to churches and hospitals, established food programs, built parks and football stadiums, and created a barrio.

He used his wealth to even get elected to the Colombia’s Congress.

His stint in politics was short and he had to resign two years later but not before killing the justice minister who had revealed Escobar’s notorious background.