Panda Facts – Interesting and Fun Facts About Pandas

Giant Panda Facts

Pandas like humans walk with both their heel and toes making in contact with the ground.

Keeping a panda in the zoo is expensive. A panda costs five times more to keep than the next most expensive animal, an elephant.

Giant pandas have a very good sense of smell. Even at night, they can find the best stalks by scent.

Panda infants are hairless at the time of their birth.

Panda cubs are born blind.

Panda cubs are born white and later develop their color.

When a baby panda is born, it’s shipped to China by Fedex to help expand the gene pool.

Pandas walk with their front paws turned inwards.

55% of giant panda’s life is spent in collecting, preparing and eating bamboo.

The giant panda is actually a bear.