Panda Facts – Interesting and Fun Facts About Pandas

Panda Facts

Habitat destruction is one of the main reasons for panda population decline.

Panda uses 11 different sounds to communicate. Uses four of them during mating season.

Pandas don’t have natural enemies. Only small cubs and old pandas are preyed by snow leopards.

Pandas eat while sitting upright, in a position resembling the way a human would sit on a floor.

Pandas can be dangerous as any other bear, according to the Smithsonian National Zoo.

Pandas were thought to be a closer relative of the raccoon, because of its numerous differences from most other bears.

The Sneezing Baby Panda was the third most popular YouTube video on internet, according to a 2009 survey.

Pandas give birth 83-184 days after mating.

Male pandas are called boars. Female pandas are called sows. Their young ones are known as cubs.

Pandas have a slit like pupils, just like cats.