Panda Facts – Interesting and Fun Facts About Pandas

Red Panda Facts

Panda’s fur is waterproof.

Red panda is the closest relation of Giant Panda’s.

Red panda is a raccoon like mammal, which also eats bamboo.

Pandas digest only 20% of what they eat.

Fully grown red panda is only slightly larger than a domestic cat but they have long, bushy tails.

In china giant pandas are called as ‘Da Xiong Mao’ which means ‘Giant Bear Cat’.

President Nixon was given pandas as a gift. Two pandas were given as a gift by the Chinese leader Chairman Mao. The pandas were place in Washington’s National Zoo.

When panda infants are seven months old they can climb trees.

Giant pandas winter in caves or a hollow tree when it is cold.

Pandas use spatial memory and not visual memory.