Paraguay Facts – 36 Interesting Facts About Paraguay

Paraguay Fun Facts

Cassava or mandioca is cooked with cheese to make thick bread known as Chipa. The Paraguayan soup or the Bori bori soup is mostly composed of Corn.

Lapacho or Taheebo is one of the primary medicines of the Incas and it is extracted from the inner bark of Purple or Red Lapacho trees

Football is the most popular sports of Paraguay but other games like soccer, rugby, tennis and volleyball is also popular.

It is the only nation which has a national flag with different emblems on each side. The one in the front is the country’s Coat of Arm and on the back is the Treasury Seal along with the Motto, ‘Paz y Justica’ (Peace and Justice). Paraguay’s flag is one of the world’s oldest national flags.

It is the home of the biggest rodent in the world, Capybara, which is a giant guinea pig.

It is home to many endangered animals like jaguar, harpy eagle, red parrot, giant armadillo and anteater (jurumi).