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Emperor penguins spend their entire lives in Antarctic.

Each mating season, the female emperor penguins do the choosing. The males stand in a line with their beaks raised high.

Once a female emperor penguin has chosen her mate, the pair will gracefully mirror one another’s movements to secure their bond.

In an emperor penguin colony, all of the eggs hatch at almost the exact same time.

Emperor Penguin meets around April to breed. The female lays her egg and she’s worked up a big appetite! She then passes the egg to male before journeying to open ocean to feed her hungry stomach.

The male Emperor Penguins keep the egg safe and warm in brood pouch.

The very first meal of an Emperor penguins chick is a fatty protein paste that the father produces from the glands in his throat.

In July Female Emperor Penguins brings food along with her which they regurgitate or throw up for the chicks to eat. And now it’s time for the male to head to ocean.

A male emperor penguin becomes so attached to his egg that he has trouble surrendering it to the mother in spring, though he’s starving.

As the chick grows, the parents leave them in groups called ‘creches’, while they go for fishing.