Phobia Facts – 100 Surprising Facts About Phobias

Facts About Phobias

The word phobia comes from a Greek word meaning “to be frightened”.

Phobias are often linked to amygdala that trigger the release of fight or flight hormones. These put the mind and body in highly alert and stressed state. It is found that malfunction of amygdala and associated brain structures may give rise to phobias.

There are 3 categories of phobias – Specific phobia or simple phobia, Social phobia and Agoraphobia. The latter two are called as complex phobias.

Specific phobia is the fear of specific object or situation.

Social Phobia is fear of social or public situations, where the person is afraid of being embarrassed in front of other people

Agoraphobia: people suffer anxiety about being in situations or public places from which it is difficult or embarrassing to escape.

Agoraphobia develops in the person after they have experienced a panic attack in a public place. They fear that it will happen again and so start avoiding busy places.

Causes of phobias are yet unclear. Some originate from bad experiences in childhood while the others, such as complex phobias are less clear.

Social phobia is believed to have a hereditary component and is found in equal proportions in men and women.

Specific phobia can occur in people in all ages.

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