Phobia Facts – 100 Surprising Facts About Phobias

Phobia Facts

Social phobia can occur in people with an average age between 15 and 20, although it can often begin in childhood.

Specific phobia is often developed due to traumatic events.

Only 23% of all people with social phobias seek treatment for their anxiety.

Heart palpitations, dry mouth, nausea, dizziness, choking, trembling and hot cold flashes are the symptoms of social anxiety phobia.

17% of the people with social phobia develop depression.

17% of people with social phobia abuse substances, nearly 19% abuse alcohol.

Medicine prescriptions and Cognitive Behavior Therapy are effective treatments for social phobias.

80% of people find relief in Cognitive Behavior Therapy and medicines.

Majority of the people suffering from specific phobia don’t seek for treatment. Only 20% of the people who undergo treatment recover completely.

Some of the treatment of phobias includes medication, hypnotherapy, behavior therapy, and cognitive behavior therapy.