Polar Bear Facts – 95 Fascinating Facts About Polar Bears

polar bear facts

Polar Bear Facts: Interesting facts about polar bears. Polar bears are the largest predators and the largest species of bears on Earth. They are apex predators and have no natural enemies, except humans. Global warming, hunting, melting of ice are some of the factors which are taking toll on polar bear population. let’s explore more facts about polar bears.

Polar Bear Facts

Polar bears white coat usually yellows with age.

60% of the polar bears can be found in Canada.

Polar bears are almost invisible to infrared cameras.

Female polar bears will most often build their dens with old snow, rather than from the freshly fallen snow.

Polar bears are hygienic and groom for 15 to 20 minutes after a meal.

Polar bears succeed in only 2% of all their attempts in catching their prey.

Polar bears are so well insulated that sometimes they need to swim in cold waters to cool down.

Polar bear’s tongue is dark blue.

Polar bears have sweat glands on the bottom of their feet that leaves the smell behind.

The two dollar coin or toonie in Canada features a polar bear.