Polar Bear Facts – 95 Fascinating Facts About Polar Bears

Interesting Facts About Polar Bears

Polar bear cubs, at birth are 12 to 14 inches long and weight about one pound.

Ursus maritimus, is the scientific name of polar bears, which means ‘sea bear’.

Polar bears can reach 40kph or 25 mph speed on land, while in water they can reach speed up to 10kph or 6mph.

Polar bears can swim 100 miles or 161 km at a stretch.

70% of the polar bears die before the age of 3.

Polar bears are classified as vulnerable.

Polar bears give birth to their cubs in dens.

Polar bear’s family stays in the den for 4 to 5 months after giving birth.

The polar bear cubs stay with the mother for about 2 years.

The U.S., Canada, Soviet Union, Norway and Denmark has signed an agreement to protect polar bears in 1973.