Polar Bear Facts – 95 Fascinating Facts About Polar Bears

Polar Bear Fun Facts

Adult male polar bear is called ‘boar’, while the adult female polar bear is called ‘sow’.

The first person to describe a polar bear as a distinct species was Constantine John Phipps in 1774.

Kodiak bear is the only bear of a similar size to the polar bear. It is a subspecies of brown bear.

Male polar bears reach maturity at the age of 6.

Male polar bears occasionally kill the cubs, so they can mate with the females.

During winter, female polar bears go into a dormant state while they are pregnant.

Global warming, pollution, oil spills, melting of polar ice caps are some of the greatest threats to polar bear populations.

Polar bears gestation period is of 8 months.

Many polar bears go into the town of Churchill, Manitoba in Canada.

Scientist believe that polar bear has evolved from a brown bear ancestor about 200,000 years ago.