Shark Facts – Interesting and Fun Facts About Sharks

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Interesting Facts About Sharks

Most shark species only give birth to one or two pups at a time.

Sharks mature slowly and reach the reproductive age anywhere between 12 to 15 years.

Shark pups soon after their birth swim away to fend for themselves. They are born with fully-fledged set of teeth and can feed and live on their own.

More people are reported to be killed every year by falling coconuts in Asia alone, than people being killed by sharks around the world.

Sharks have nictitating membrane that closes to protect its eye while hunting, so poking its eye won’t help to fend it off.

Sharks which are not yet born eat their sibling’s egg while still in the womb. They are actually seeking out nutrients to sustain themselves as they grow.

Great white shark eats around 11 tons of food a year.

Blue sharks are the most threatened species of shark in the world. Trading shark fins and overfishing are held responsible for the decline in population.

Galeophobia is the term used for the fear of sharks. It comes from the Greek world ‘galeos’ which was a particular type of shark.

Angel sharks are known as sand devils. They are observed to dig themselves into piles of sand and wait for unsuspecting fish to pass by before rising up and attacking.