Shark Facts – Interesting and Fun Facts About Sharks

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Facts About Sharks for Kids

Blue sharks are piggy eaters. They eat until they regurgitate after which they again go back to eating.

Whale sharks are the largest shark species.

Pygmy sharks are the smallest shark species.

If you’re watching a shark circling and wondering if it’s about to attack its prey, then here are some clues: they hunk its back, lower its pectoral fins (near the belly) and swim in zigzag motions.

Almost 50 different shark species have light emitting organs called photospheres. Sharks use the light to camouflage and to attract mates.

“Jumping the shark” – Great white sharks off the coast of Seal island, Africa, are famous to jump almost 3 meters or 10 feet in the air to catch seal.

Sharks help maintain the delicate balance of life in marine, keeping the animal population in check.

Eating shark flesh is forbidden in Fiji and Solomon islands.

We can determine shark age by counting the rings on its vertebrate.

Shark babies are called as pups.