Simpsons Facts – 100 Amazing Facts About Simpsons

Top 10 Simpsons Facts

Since high percentage of the people in Springfield are left-handed, majority of people in Simpson’s family are left handed.

The highest rated episode in all time in America is ‘Bart Gets An F’.

The characters of Simpsons were designed in such a way that they would be easily identifiable in silhouette.

The first Beatle to be guest starred in the show is Ringo Starr.

Lisa predicted 3 Super Bowl wins in one episode.

After Phil Hartman was murdered, the characters he voiced such as Lionel Hutz etc were retired rather than recast.

The real name of Comic Book Guy is Jeff Albertson.

Lenny and Carl have master’s degree in Nuclear physics.

First episode is different from the rest in many ways, such as Homer’s voice was made higher pitched and less intelligent sounding, hair color of Chief Wiggum was changed from black to blue.

Homers IQ is 55 because of a crayon that is stuck in his brain.