Simpsons Facts – 100 Amazing Facts About Simpsons

The Simpson Fun Facts

Homer was intended to be revealed as Krusty the Clown, hence their designs are so similar.

“Do the Bartman” was co-written and co-produced by Michael Jackson.

Lisa’s email address is

There are nine spikes of hair on Bart’s head.

Homer’s “D’oh” is dubbed as “T’oh” in French, and “Ouch” in Spanish.

The Crapes of Wrath episode was based on actual event where Austrian wineries illegally adulterated their product with an ingredient found in anti-freeze.

Nancy Cartwright first auditioned for the role of Lisa and not for Bart.

The inspiration for Krusty came from Rusty Nails, Portland TV clown.

The locker combination of Bart is 36-24-36.

The term “Eat my shorts” was first used by Bart in the episode Barth the Genius.