Slavery Facts – 115 Unknown Facts About Slavery

Interesting Facts About Slavery

In the early 1700s, many pirates were escaped African slaves.

The word ‘slave’ has its origin from the Slavonic population of Eastern Europe, who were enslaved during the middle ages.

About 56% of the slaves sent to New World were male adults, 30% were female adults and 14% were children.

First foreigner to become a samurai was an African slave.

Onesimus, an African slave who taught Boston colonists how to inoculate themselves against smallpox. The treatment was common in African and China for centuries.

Slavery made the southern American states the most powerful and richest region in America.

The economic success of former slaves after Reconstruction had upset the former planters which led to the formation of Ku Klux Klan, to undermine black economic institutions and to force them into sharecropping on unfair terms.

Funding the slave trade was the most profitable economic activities and many firms on Wall Street made fortunes from it.

Largest number of slaves was shipped to Brazil.

Slaves were used for the production of the first human-made object to enter space, the V2 rocker.