Slavery Facts – 115 Unknown Facts About Slavery

Black Slavery Facts

James Buchanan, U.S. President regularly bought slaves in Washington, D.C. and then freed them in Pennsylvania.

Until 1911, a kingdom of Niger Delta held no military authority over its citizens, they believe that violence was an atrocity and was considered as a safe haven for a thousand years for all salves and refugees.

In U.S. when the slaves were freed, some went to Africa and enslaved the native Africans using the plantation methods they learnt in the states.

Mamluks a class of slave soldier in Egypt. They were very powerful and free men would sell themselves into slavery to join them. The entire class was wiped out in a purge.

The country with the largest slave population in the word is India with over 14 million salves.

A black man named Anthony Johnson was the first slave owner in America.

Pyramids were not built by slaves or forced labor but were built by paid labors.

Until 2013, Mississippi didn’t ratify the 13th Amendment.

Saudi Arabia and Yemen has abolished slavery as recently as 1962.

Romans mostly avoided playing the role of cruel owner and instead used branding and bonuses to improve the productivity, similar to our modern employers.