Smoking Facts – Deadly Facts About Smoking

Deadly Facts About Smoking

The cigarette smoking is introduced to Europe by a person who has learnt it from Cuban natives and has been offended back home.

The person who introduced smoking to Europe is been arrested because he looked like a possessed man from devil.

Psychiatric Doctor Sigmund Freud had 30 cancer operations because of smoking but he never stopped smoking.

The second U.S president, John Adams started smoking at the age of eight.

For every 8 seconds, a person dies due to smoking.

Low levels of radioactive lead and polonium are present in cigarette smoke.

Benzene is a known cause of myeloid leukemia, and it is present in cigarette smoke.

Hydrogen cyanide is one of the byproduct present in cigarette smoke. During WWII, it was used as a genocidal chemical agent.

Cocoa and sugar is also added in cigarette flavoring but many diabetic patients are unaware of it.

Nicotine reaches your brain in just 10 seconds after your inhale the smoke. And it gets to every part of the body very quickly.