Snake Facts – Interesting Facts about Snakes

Interesting Facts About Snakes

Snakes can’t close their eyes; they can’t even blink and have to sleep with their eyes open.

Pythons are the longest snakes in the world that can grow over 8.7 m or 28 feet in length.

Anacondas are large, non-venomous snakes found in South America and can grow over 5 m or 16 ft in length.

Snakes can be found in different sizes ranging from tiny 10 cm long to 6.95 m long Reticulated Python.

Snakes kill nearly 100,000 people every year.

Some snakes have two heads and fight each other for food.

Bees kill more people each year than snakes.

Snakes are worshiped as gods in India.

Snakes scales are made of keratin.

Mother Pythons will coil themselves around their eggs and shiver to generate heat and keep her eggs warm until they hatch.