Snake Facts – Interesting Facts about Snakes

Snake Facts

Some snakes can survive for up to two years without any food.

There are between 200 to 400 vertebrate on the vertebral column of the snakes.

Snakes are immune to their venom and venom of their close relatives, but not to the venom of other species of snakes.

Vine snakes have binocular vision.

Snakes that have diamond shaped pupil are poisonous and the ones with round pupils are non-poisonous.

Snakes need to have around 6 to 30 meals a year to be healthy.

Anacondas can hold their breath for up to 10 minutes under water.

King Cobra from Asia is the world’s largest venomous snake.

The paradise tree-snake of Southeast Asia can fly.

There are no snakes on Iceland, Greenland and New Zealand.