Soccer acts – Interesting Facts About Soccer

Facts About Soccer

Over 1 in 20 injuries are caused by celebrating goals on the pitch.

There are more member countries of FIFA than the U.N.

Except in 1930 and 1950, European teams have reached the final of every World Cup.

India withdrew from the 1950 World Cup because FIFA refused to let them play barefoot.

Neil Armstrong wanted to take a football to moon, but NASA deemed it to be un-American.

Only two World Cup finals have been decided on penalties and Italy was part of both of the finals.

In 1930, Uruguay became the first country to both host and win the World Cup. 13 countries had participated in the competition.

A referee was arrested during a game in Tanzania in 1978, because he smoked marijuana just before the match started.

Hungary and Great Britain has the most Olympic God medals in soccer (three).

Mexico is the only country that hosted the soccer World Cup twice.