Soccer acts – Interesting Facts About Soccer

Interesting Facts About Soccer

The highest score made in a soccer game is 149-0, one of the team started scoring own goals to protest against the referee’s decision.

Lionel Messi is the only player to win the Ballon d’Or award for four consecutive years.

Goalies didn’t have to wear different colored jerseys from their teammates until 1913.

Soccer is the most important sport in Spain.

Neymar is the youngest player to play in Barcelona.

Germany’s 7 goals broke the record for the most scored goals in any World Cup semifinals in history.

In 1982, a goal scored after people had begun to leave the stadium in Moscow resulted in deaths of 340 people due to stampede when all tried to get back to their seats.

Soccer uniform is called as “kit” and cleats as “hooves” in Europe.

Soccer ball is not perfectly round, bit it slightly oval.

Soccer is the national sport of Canada.