Soccer acts – Interesting Facts About Soccer

Cool Soccer Facts

The World Cup trophy is made of 18 carat gold and it weighs nearly 13 pounds.

There were no crossbars on the goals until the year 1882. It means that there was no height restriction and any ball between the two side posts was considered a goal.

Christian Ronaldo during his childhood was nicknamed ‘cry-baby’.

In the 1994 qualifying World Cup match, Rojas a Chilean goalkeeper faked being hit by a firecracker and he was banned for a lifetime and Chile was banned from the 1994 finals.

The oldest captain to lead a nation to a World Cup triumph was Dino Zoff, Italian goalkeeper, who at the age of 40 led Italy to their 1982 FIFA World Cup title.

Rio Mavuba has no official birth country listed on his passport. Though he got the French citizenship in 2004.

FIFA was founded in 1904 in Paris by delegates from Belgium, France, Denmark, Switzerland, Netherland, and Sweden with the aim to establish clear and fair rules for all players.

The US Open Cup is the oldest soccer championship in the United States.

The oldest soccer competition in the world is the FA Cup (Football Association Challenge Cup).

Martinho Eduardo Orige of Brazil made a World Record in 2003 for juggling the soccer ball for a staggering 19.5 hours.