Solar System Facts – 120 Interesting Facts About the Solar System

Facts About Our Solar System

One of the Neptune’s moons called triton is getting closer to Neptune while it is orbiting, and if triton gets closer to Neptune’s orbit than it might tear into pieces due to gravity.

The largest moon to orbit in opposite rotation in our solar system is Neptune’s moon Triton.

One of the Pluto’s moons is called Charon and it is slightly smaller than Pluto.

One day on Pluto lasts 6 days and 9 hours.

When compared to the knowledge of deep oceans, we know more about space.

The largest man-made and manned object ever sent into space has been The Space Station.

The surface tension in outer space can form any free moving liquid into a sphere.

The second largest planet of our solar system is Saturn.

It takes 8.3 minutes for the light to travel from the sun to the earth.

90% of the people on earth can see the space station once it is completely constructed.