Solar System Facts – 120 Interesting Facts About the Solar System

Fun Facts About the Solar System

Venus is the Earth’s twin sister planet in our solar system, because both the planets have similar mass, density and sizes.

Venus atmosphere is made up of carbon dioxide.

The only planet in our solar system that has liquid in all three forms is planet Earth.

The only planet that is not named after any Greek or Roman God is Planet Earth.

The atmosphere of the Earth is actually formed from the gases of volcanoes.

Largest Moon of our solar system is Jupiter’s Moon called as Ganymede.

The Soviet Salyut 1 is the first space station launched in April 1971.

The Slowest rotating planet in our solar system is Venus and it takes 243.01 days to complete one rotation.

The biggest asteroid in our solar system is Ceres and it is the size of the earth.

The minimum winds in Neptune can be 1,500 mph and it is the maximum speed of a Martian F-16 Jet Fighter.

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