Solar System Facts – 120 Interesting Facts About the Solar System

Facts About the Solar System for Kids

The rings of the planet Saturn are made up of ice, dust and tiny rocks.

The average temperature of Venus can melt down tin and lead.

The Dwarf planet Pluto is actually smaller than the United States with a diameter of 1,475 miles.

Uranus, the seventh planet in our solar system is slightly tilted and NASA concludes that the collision with planet like earth might be the reason for the planet to tip.

243 Ida is the name of an Asteroid and it has its own moon.

The most highly cratered place in the solar system is one of the Saturn’s Moon Mimas.

Saturn’s moon Hyperion is the only Nonspherical moon in our solar system.

Ceres is the only Dwarf planet that revolves within our solar system in between asteroid belts of Mars and Jupiter and it has more fresh water than the earth itself.

The largest and the deep oceans are found on the Jupiter with 40,000 km deep.

There are two main belts of small bodies in the solar system: Asteroid belt and Kuiper belt.