Spider Facts – Interesting Facts about Spiders

Facts About Spider

Male spiders are often much smaller than females in size.

Spiders don’t rely only on the muscles to move their limbs, they use hydraulic power.

If you shine a flashlight at the ground at night, any spiders that are facing you will have their eyes glow green.

A spider has no bones, but it has an exoskeleton called as carapace.

Spiders can sustain high atmospheric pressure and can even work flawlessly in vacuum.

Spiders are known to preserve their meal in silky cocoons so that they can enjoy fresh meal.

Spider’s blood is light blue in color.

Spider’s web is sticky and therefore attracts dust and other particles. Therefore a spider needs to rebuild the web time and again.

Spiders shed their skin just like a snake and the new skin grows.

Spiders are nearsighted so they can’t see things that are far away from them.