Spider Facts – Interesting Facts about Spiders

Fun Facts About Spider

Very few people die or become seriously ill from spider bites.

Spiders eat more insects than birds and bat combined.

All spiders spin silk, but not all spiders spin webs.

Some spider bites can cause blood disorders in rare instances. For instance, the brown recluse venom may cause red blood cells t burst. This can lead to other symptoms like jaundice and acute kidney injury.

Goliath spiders are the world’s biggest spiders.

Black widow, funnel web, and brown recluse are the most deadly spiders in the world.

The word “spider” comes from the Old English word spithra and is realted to german spinne, both of them mean “spinner.”

Spiders have inspired scientist to make space robots. For instance, “Spidernaut” is a mechanical spider that is designed to crawl outside the spacecraft to carry out repairs.

Hummingbirds use spider’s webs and sticks to weave its nest.

Wolf spider can run at speeds of up to 2 feet per second.