Spider Facts – Interesting Facts about Spiders

Spider Facts

Spiders don’t have teeth, so they inject juices into the innards of their meal and then such up its innards.

Bird-dropping spider gets its name because it looks like birds poo. This type of camouflage prevents birds from eating it.

A wheel spider tucks in its legs and rolls across the sand, whenever it gets scared.

Most spiders live for a year. However, some tarantulas live more than 20 years.

Some spiders don’t use webs to catch prey. They make sticky gum, which they fire out through their fangs.

A web is sticky because they of glue droplets the spider deposits on it. These are three times thinner than the diameter of a single hair.

Fossilized spiders have been found in carboniferous rock dating back some 318 million years.

Most spiders have six to eight eyes.

Spiders can walk on water.

The chance of us eating a spider during our sleep throughout our lifetime is close to 0%.